Kindle Cascadia is a bioregional community dedicated to integrating traditional and ancestral life ways into the present cycles of our lives.  Gathering together with our diverse backgrounds and gifts, we reweave the fabric of our village in mutual commitment to the holy, the wild, and the emergent.


  • Find synergy and mutual support within the movement dedicated to co-creating place-based village and right relationship with the natural world and the holy/mysterious.
  • Create a welcoming space for our diverse community to gather together as a village to celebrate our emergence from the darkness into the light on the winter solstice.
  • Share traditional, and ancestral skills, as well as emergent creative solutions (such as permaculture) to re-create our conscientious place based culture.
  • Support new, sprouting, and established teachers, artisans, and performers, whose work is deeply in accord with our mission and vision.
  • Respect diversity by deeply honoring people’s histories and traditions.
  • Reclaim our ancestral ways through traditional practices, deep listening, resource sharing, and co-creating opportunities to share and represcense.
Who are we?

This gathering began eight years ago as a primitive skill share and winter solstice celebration. It was basically a house party hosted by Rob Miller, Kristie Steele and friends in the Eugene community. We were inspired to turn up the heat and grow our village in this region, hence… The birth of Kindle Cascadia!

We are a community of people focused on evolving culture through the practical use of primitive skills and indefinitely sustainable lifeways.  We are part of the emerging movement reclaiming and co-creating place based village with many interests and pursuits that support the village such as primitive skills, permaculture, nature awareness, rites of passage, creative expression, and so much more.

Some people come to share, others come to learn, and in some way everyone comes to do both.  There is no minimum or maximum skill level.  Join in!  It is the mix of everyone’s gifts, skills, and innate talents that makes this event wonderful.


We want to share the darkest days basking in the warmth of our togetherness.  As we celebrate the growing light, our intention is to hold a stable, safe container for people’s gifts to unfold, and for our mutual reciprocity to find its maximum expression.  We do this by fostering conditions for good social interactions, practicing hands-on ancestral skills, and co-creating empowering and enlivening rituals.